La Campagna Romana

A succession of triumphal arches that made the Roman countryside famous.

The first Aqueduct built was the Aqua Appia in 312 B.C. by the time we come to the second century there were eleven aqueducts, nine hundred million of water a day was transported to the city of Rome, four hundred miles of aquifers veins that run through valleys and mountains, transporting the water by a very ingenious method of gravity.

Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) wrote: “Who wants to carefully consider the quantity of water for public use for the baths, swimming pools, fountains, houses, suburban gardens, villas; the distance from which the water comes, the conduits that have been built, the mountains that have been drilled, the valleys that have been crossed, he will have to recognize that nothing in the whole world has ever existed more wonderful “.

Now the Aqueducts look in agony, they are ruins scattered in the Campagna, but it is difficult to regard them simply as man -made when they have such a special aura, when they sometimes paper natural to the landscape. They seem even older then the mountains. They sometimes come alive like ancient skeletons, or creations of giants, always they make us think of the greatness of Rome, of its decline and fall, and about our civilization as it is now.

Often these photos are thought of in sequence as if  filling the gaps left by time.

AQUA LA CAMPAGNA ROMANA is a project printed  in  Limited Edition 1\50  Deardorff camera 10×8 Wista camera 5×4 \ Pictures are contact printed Van Dyke method on Fabriano Rosaspina paper on request also Cyanotype prints. The pictures are thought as a series.

 The 5×4 pictures are normally sold in sets of 3 at a cost of €75   \ € 75 each for the 10×8 pictures. The pictures are signed and titled on the back right corner with the photographer logo Oliviero Olivieri. Packaged flat on a reinforced box with accompanied by a certificate with the history of the images & all the technical details.

AQUA LA CAMPAGNA ROMANA è un progetto stampato  in  Limited Edition 1\50  Deardorff camera 10×8 Wista camera 5×4 \ Le immagini sono stampate a contatto con metodo Van dyke su carta Fabriano Rosaspina su richiesta anche stampe Cianotipiche. Le immagini si pensa siano serie.

Il costo delle foto 5×4 è di $50 cadauno comprensivo di pacco e spedizione\$100 per una serie di 3. Le foto sono firmate e titolate nell’angolo posteriore destro con il logo del fotografo Oliviero Olivieri. Confezionato piatto su scatola rinforzata con accompagnato dalla storia delle immagini.