Blue Prussian print Van Dyke print Hand Made photography

Fine art photography pure hand made work.

Drawing with the sun, all classics print making is done by contact printing, so the final print is precisely as big as the negative.  The brown printing is named after the Flemish painter  Sir. Antony Van Dyck as it recalls its characteristic sepia color of the painter works. All Van Dyke pictures on this book are contact printed on Fabriano 100% cotton paper. The size is specified on each print.

They are made only by order in limited signed copies. For more details please contact:

Blue prints The grand Tour  \ This are 10by8 negatives exposed to the UV Sun light. On Fabriano Rosaspina paper\ This procedure was invented  by Sir. John Herschel in the 1839  based on the sensibility of the iron salt to the Sun light.

They are made only by order printed by me in limited signed copies.

For this prints only Fabriano Unica\ Rosaspina & Tiepolo are used, high quality cotton paper hand made.