Hand made prints

Oliviero Olivieri Hand made photography

All the Black & White is printed by hand from negative. Printed on silver gelatin fibre based paper by the artist.

All prints are Selenium toned, to clean the white areas & deepen the blacks, ensuring a long lasting life.

All prints are limited edition,  they are signed, titled and stamped on the back right hand corner.

All prints are available on the following sizes: 24×30  30×40  40×50  50×60  \The width of the borders, or the mounting on Passepartout, on request.

Prints are sent protected with archival sleeve, then either set in a reinforced roll or a flat box.  All shipping costs are included.   Please contact me for a detailed price list:   olivieroolivieri19@gmail.com

Naturally all pictures are available, here I selected  3 series of prints that you can view:

The Grand Tour series \  Metaphysics series  \  The Rational series