“If photographers used nature as their guide, they would make art”.
Peter Henry Emerson.

The Nuraghes project was triggered by an intense curiosity, an urge of knowing what this great towers really meant. Such research comes as a natural thing, especially when you are born a Sardinian, like me. The Nuraghes are mysterious towers, unique to the island of Sardinia, which is located in the centre of the Mediterranean sea.  So, I began my exercise of chasing  the light and look for the best preserved towers. However trying to establish an inner contemplative approach with the matter, leading to understand who built them, why and when, I felt really free while fulfilling this project. I believe that creativity is not much about having ideas, but more like following a passion and doing it at the very best of one’s capabilities. So I needed a slow, contemplative approach which was absolutely necessary, considering the nature of the subject.  The Nuraghes are not an instant awe, they do not reveal their character easily, they are often built in great harmony with nature and, above all, they are not used to frequent visitors. This towers are ancient, they were built during the bronze and iron ages, and now they are slowly dissolving, nature is taking them back, therefore I felt that a picture would survive us both, preserving their memory and their secrets forever.

The Mystery.
During the bronze and iron ages, 20,000 Nuraghes were built.
Today about 8,000 remain. As a result, no matter where you find yourself on the island you will always be close to a Nuraghe.
And yet, despite their proliferation, they often remain unnoticed, out of sight. They create a sacred geography throughout the Island, jealously guarding their ancient secrets.
For more than 3,500 years, Sardinia was the home to a great megalitic civilization that built majestic towers as parts of thriving communities throughout the Island. Today, almost as many theories exist as towers themselves , which explain the role and function of these incredible structures.
Their history is constantly being rewritten as new discoveries emerge, and yet, there is no certainty that their secrets will ever be revealed.

“If it existed a word to express the feelings of the Sardinians, in all the millennia of isolation between Nuraghi end Bronzes, that word could be happiness”.
Sergio Atzeni

Infrared & B&W film was exposed to accomplish this project.
6\7 and 10\8 format.
A limited amount of hand made prints are available please go to the “Prices” folder &\or for further details please contact the photographer.
Nuraghi \ The Mysteruos towers of Sardinia – published with \ 2015

Nuraghi in the U.K.
Italian Institute of Culture-Belgrave Square London \2011
Norwegian Church Arts Center Cardiff Bay- Cardiff \ 2011

The book “The Mysterious towers of Sardinia” took about seven years and it was shot entirely on medium & large format film.
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