The last pagans
The origin and the meaning of these feasts are lost in the mists of time, which makes these events even more mysterious and fascinating. These are the last pagan rituals still surviving in the Mediterranean area.

is the ancient name of the Sardinian carnival, which starts on the 17th of January “Christianised as the night of Saint Anthony” with the burning of the traditional Tuvas (hollow logs). In the island and in particular in the Barbagia (hilly inland region), the rituals have kept the dark, tragic and mysterious aspect of  their origins. Like the ancient Greek myth of fertility, in Sardinia the god Dionysus lives again. The god of inebriation, ecstasy and fertility revives, through the old rural sacrifice.

“Some dress with animal skins, others put animal faces on their heads, they are happy and content if they succeed in transforming into beasts, as they no longer seem human”.
Saint Augustine\ visiting Sardinia


The other Sardinia Exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture London U.K.\ & Cardiff Wales\
Travelling in Germany  Exhibiting in – Monaco\Cologne\ Frankfurt
Cover of the Independent Magazine in 1994
Carrasecare “The Festival of Fertility” appeared in most of the main travel and reportage magazines.
Winner of the Active Witness Award.

This is the real island of Sardinia, all this rituals have not been kept alive so to gratify the tourists, these are traditional feasts which usually see active participation of the whole village and are proudly preserved in order to show the ancient features of the island.
This project was entirely shot on black & white film, following all the ancient rituals of the Sardinia Carnival “Festival of Fertility” for almost 20 years “1989\2009 A limited amount of prints are available.


This pictures were taken entirely on film using an Olympus OM 1 camera and a Mamiya 7 & 645. Kodak try-x & Ilford HP5 B&W film