Stromboli “Terra degli uomini”

Book : Published by Arcadia Editions Paris 2005

The island of Stromboli is part of the Aeolian archipelago, seven volcanic islands just off the north east coast of Sicily.
Terra degli uomini\ Men’s Land.
The aim of this project was to show the local life under the “protection” of an active volcano. I only visited the island of Stromboli off-season, in order to be part of the local everyday life, and not to be stuck in the holiday rut. I soon realized that the volcano is part of each individual’s life, to the extent that the locals refer to “Stromboli” as a member of their family, they drink its ashes and they talk to the Mountain «‘a muntagna», which is how the locals call the Stromboli Volcano.
The book obviously recalls the cinematic walk on top of the volcano that Ingrid Bergman performs in Roberto Rossellini’s “Stromboli Terra di Dio”, crossing the island, heading to the village of Ginostra; this project has been largely inspired by the film and, in fact, it begins with picture views of the Ginostra port, where electricity is very recent history.

All pictures in this collection were shot on medium format B&W film. A limited edition of hand made prints are available, please contact the photographer for further details.