Impressions of Giverny

The word impressionism comes from a painting by Claude Monet exhibited at the Paris collective exhibition in 1872 “Impression soleil levant”. Impression is also the hand of paint that a house painter give to the walls as a preparation for a coat of paint or the wallpaper. For this reason the public at the exhibition asks how far to position themselves from the paintings, because from too close it seems to look at a plastered wall. Renoir, who was part of the same show, replies, gentlemen you have to put yourself at arm’s length, that is the distance a painter takes from the canvas. This was a discovery, this distance reveals both the illusion of representing something and the material with which the painting is made of.   I had the privilege to go to Giverny where Claude Monet lived for about 40 years. Here Monet created his personal impressions, entrance doors into his luminous chromatic rhythm, opening for us a path to inhabit his paintings, from where we will never return.