The year of the OX

The first area in London known as Chinatown was located in the Limehouse area of the east end of London.  At the start of the 20th century, the Chinese population of London was concentrated in that area, setting up businesses which catered to the Chinese sailors who frequented in Docklands.  The present Chinatown, which is off Shaftesbury avenue did not start to be established until the 1970s.  Up until then, it was a regular Soho area, run-down, with Gerrard Street the main thoroughfare.

I was on my way to Islington on the number 38 bus running on Shaftesbury avenue, just landed in London and got on the bus from Victoria station.  I sow a big dragon crossing the street, from the bus window and I could not miss the chance, all I had on me was a pack of 5 rolls of Kodak tri-x 120 along with my inseparable Mamiya.

The Chinese new year celebrations in London are set to be the biggest in the world outside of Asia and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend on the West End to mark the occasion.  For the record this was the year of the Ox.

The color pictures are printed on cotton paper beeswaxed & hand colored with pan pastels.


Mamiya 7 Kodak tri-x