The Action of the light

The Pencil by Nature, by William Henry Fox Talbot was the first photo book published it was the year 1844. It was the first example of drawing with the light which is the meaning of the word photography. The very first photo was taken from a window by French photographer Nicèphore Nièpce. The inspiration came from Sardinia where Nièpce was stationed with the French army, there he tried many experiments that eventually succeeded, with the view from the Le Gras window 1826.  I like to believe that Sardinia is the place where Mr. Niépce saw the light. Louis Daguerre who was Nièpce assistant he is considered the father of photography, the inventor of the Daguerreotype the first photographic process.

This set of pictures were taken into the light with a medium format film Ilford FP4, scans from prints on cotton paper selenium toned.