Motivation & Inspiration

Join us the team of Creative Excursions for a Tuscany workshop, and you will see the world in a different way.

We create images  away from all trends, we try all the time to stay away from clichè, we establish a conversation with the moments we try to record.  It is not necessary to shoot a thousand pictures, and then spend all your time deliting. Quantity does not make a good photo. We like you to come away from an experience with a real story a paper movie made of emotions and surprises.  If you like to go home with the nice pretty pictures of Tuscany then buy a postcard, with us you can do all the rest.

The colors of Emotions is the title of the first picture on this set,  It is because all the colors were added  many months later with pan pastels on wax, so this are  the colors that remain in my mind, generating a sense of infinity.

I particularly like frontal prospectives with perfect lines running forward and across into the picture to create profundity.  I always favor to keep the camera straight in perfect level with what I am trying to record.  I often look at the sides of my picture to see if I am in perfect parallel with the view.   I like very much the mystery that is generated when shooting into the light, the result can often be a real surprise.  I plan very well my reasons to shoot, but I also live a margin to faith.  Every time I go out to shoot, I have clear idea of what I would like to obtain, often I come back  home and the camera has not been a moment outside the bag.

I need to hold pictures in my hands, in order to see if  I am doing it right!  I need to print my pictures to see if a sequence works.   I can not comprehend the essence of an image, if I only see it on a computer monitor.  That is why photography books are the best books to buy.   I believe that the nice part of been a photographer is to print pictures and place them all around, covering the entire floor of a room, it is the most effective way to embrace the flow of a story.  Then start puzzling around it, which is also a very rewarding activity, move all the pictures around in order to choose the ones that go well together.  I begin marking the contact print then cut the best pictures out, making priority notes.  A photograph is something to look at over and over agin and every time finding in the image a new aspect that escaped the previous view.  Plus the only sure way to keep a photo forever is to print it!

It does not matter how you take a picture with a phone or a digital camera or anything else, the important thing is to capitalize on the impulse and the urge that make you do it. Please do not think that you can make a picture look better when in photoshop, If it does not look good thorough the view finder, then do not shoot it, doing so you become a better photographer.   I deeply believe that everyone should try to take a good picture in the first stage.

This set is all been taken with a Deardorff camera using Ilford FP4 10 by 8  b&w film,  This are contact prints, often overlapping two or more negatives together. I often go out set it all up, and then  just take one picture.  The color images are my encaustic work using bees wax on b&w photos then apply pan pastels by hand.

Creative Excursion Workshops in Tuscany & Sardinia