The City with 1000 one thousand names. Memories, time & other minor things.

The Sirkeci train station was the final stop of the Orient express train. The door to Asia. The Dervish dancers occasionally gather  in a disused waiting room at the Sirkeci train station, &  to the sound of their Sufi music, their dance starts in a precise rotation ritual. The purpose of their whirling helps to empty their soul from all the distracting thoughts. The Dervish are a very mystical group of people, traditionally they represent our link between the earth and the cosmic forces.  The only thing we can trust is our memories, because everything is past, but who is that guarantees that what is past is really past.  Pictures are moments in time. We believe in the memories, and the camera is a very powerful tool that can stop a moment while is gone. Twenty-two 22 pictures here are scarcely three 3 seconds, reviving the time that no longer exists outside the image. Like a look that flows on a city that no longer exists.

This story was shot on film using a Mamiya 7  camera with the panoramic clip B.&W. and a Mamiya 645 with Velvia & Provia color slides depending on light conditions.