An Island in a small room

Creating a new context, in a portable studio.  Eliminating all the disturbing elements. Working as an ambulant studio photographer, creating a new balance. The isolation generate much more strenght, with a direct contact with the portrait generating, emotion and surprise essential elements for a good image. The color portraits here were taken during an annual  procession event in the Island of Saint Antioco where I set up a studio with a Victorian back drop in order to take and isolate the subjects. Particularly in ancient cultures, it is believed that a photo will still the soul. It is the aim of a good photographer to capture the soul of a person while photographed. It is often the reason why some portraits work better then others. Personally I like to use my large format camera on a tripod, therefore I never leave my portrait sitter alone, I am always interacting with the setting. In the B&W set I created a studio in the back street of Orani’s village during the  Carnival event, setting up all my groups of “Bundos” Devils, ri directing all the carnival scenes in a geometrical manner. I believe in harmony and balance, surprise and emotion, elements of beauty in order to create the perfect picture.

Sant’Antioco in costume for the arrival of the saint.

Carrasecare \ Carnival Su Bundu  Orani Sardinia.