The Grand Tour Pictures A journey to Rome

The view over Rome  from monte Pincio, the cover of the Robert Macpherson book was taken in 1863, alike the picture along was taken in 2016. Robert Mac pherson work has been a great source of inspiration, he was one of the great pioneers photographers, depicting for the very first time the glory of the Eternal city.   Rome & the Roman country “la campagna Romana” was discovered artistically in the Renaissance, when it was globally decided that Rome belong to the world.   Some of the great northern european  artists like Roger Van der Weyden, Albrecht Dürer, have been drawn and captured by the classical beauty of the eternal city . It spread  like a new cultured trend started by the northern artists developed  by historians and archeologists to visit Rome and the county side seeking for the roots of greatness. Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin who lived in Rome during the seventeenth century, established the tradition of classical landscape paintings imagining all the Olympian gods living in the campagna Romana. Giovanni Battista Piranesi, dedicated his entire life etching views of Rome becoming the master of the architectural Veduta.  Thomas Cole & John Gadsby Chapman, the first American painters who depicted  Roman aqueducts, they imagined the Campagna Romana as the Arcadia a place for god & goddess.

This pictures are scans from 20by25  B&W negatives, taken with a Mahogany Deardorff camera.