Nuraghi The Mysterious towers of Sardinia

Nuraghi The Mysterious towers of Sardinia. \ 2015 Book.

Book intro:
There are places of great energy in the world. Places which, thanks to their magnetism, allow people to connect with their inner soul, granting a sense of freedom and completeness, both within the individual and their connection with nature. In ancient times, people searched for those places where they felt an intensive and vibrant energy.
The ancient Romans used to call these places “Genius Loci” places of ideal spiritual and natural balance.
We know that Earth is a living organism, like the human body.
We also know that nature is mathematically organized, according to its unique balance and rhythms.
In Sardinia, the Nuraghe architects discovered places where cosmic forces would find their balance, places where it was easy to gain strength, and where the human body felt positively charged. As a result, a very advanced civilization developed.

This project was entirely shot on medium and large format film.
The book at the moment is available only at:

The Italian Institute of Culture London Belgrave Square 2011
Sardinian Nuraghi for the first time in Wales at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre \Cardiff 2011.